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Bringing Top Talent to the Big Stage

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Ever since opening its doors,The London Touring Orchestra has captivated the hearts of audiences nationwide. The CLondon Touring Orchestra n offers state-of-the-art shows and performances nationwide and internationally.
We go out of our way to showcase productions that truly make an impact.

The orchestra is made up of the UK’s top freelance musicians, with the core focus to create a contemporary orchestra performing the music from your favourite movies and tv shows. 


After years of hard work, we bring to audiences our latest tour:

Tribute to John Williams and Hans Zimmer

The ‘Tribute to John Williams and Hans Zimmer’ tour is an unmissable musical performance including the scores from the most epic movies from the last 50 years.


It's a mesmerising production extravaganza, featuring immersive lighting and special effects with a stunning concert orchestra.

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Music is there for everybody. It's a river we can all put our cups into and drink it and be sustained by it.

John Williams


By Appointment Only:

Mare St, London E8 1EJ, UK

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